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Penttilä Open Air Museum Finland

sculptures by Lucien den Arend

willow-ellipse - sculptures in the sculpture park, Open Air Museum POAM
"Homage to Pieter Janszoon Saenredam" exhibited in 2010.

The original central four white willows, which were the placeholder for the central object on the island "Pieter Janszoon Saenredam Project" in Barendrecht, Holland. When in 1997 the central object was installed on the island, these four willows were removed to make place for the stainless steel cube. These have been exhibited in Barendrecht in 1997, in De Zaaijer in Amsterdam in 1996 (the year in which the central object was installed on the Saenredam Island), in Galleria Sculptor in Helsinki in 1999, and in 2011 in the exhibition "Muutos" with Mikkelin Taiteilijaseura in the Mikkeli Museum of Art - Mikkeli, Finland. The four willows are now in storage at POAM.